Celdara Medical Announces the Pandemic Security Initiative


Celdara Medical today announced the launch of its Pandemic Security Initiative, harnessing the resources needed to prepare the nation for future infectious disease pandemics.

The initiative is bringing together public and private expertise and resources to develop tests and medicines that integrate ground-breaking science, entrepreneurial innovation, public-sector investment, and private-sector business acumen. The Pandemic Security Initiative currently has a large pipeline of tests, vaccines and medicines made up of innovative, purpose-built mitigations against COVID-19, as well as other viral, fungal and bacterial threats designed to protect the nation’s health and economy from the next infectious disease outbreaks. The Pandemic Security Initiative is focusing on infectious diseases presenting the greatest risk and initially includes immune modulators, broad spectrum anti-virals and anti-bacterials, as well as agents targeted against specific pathogens, including COVID-19 and Ebola.

“In 2014, Celdara began a focus on infectious diseases, despite the conventional wisdom that developing treatments for infectious disease emergencies was not commercially viable,” said Dr. Jake Reder, co-founder and CEO of Celdara. “While many drug developers were exiting infectious disease for financial reasons, the identified threats were – and remain to this day – both real and massive.

“We know it is much better to develop tests, therapeutics and vaccines before a pandemic strikes. COVID-19 has clearly shown how an infectious disease can destroy lives and livelihoods; disrupting the functioning of our public health system, our economy and our national security apparatus. This is why we have formalized our ongoing activities into the Pandemic Security Initiative, a bold, forward-looking and frankly necessary initiative to prepare the nation – and the world – against future pandemic threats. Future outbreaks are inevitable, but we know how to prepare for them. It is only a question of will.”

Built on Celdara Medical’s highly successful business model, The Pandemic Security Initiative has access to a unique innovation pipeline that spans the U.S. and beyond. The Initiative seeks to unleash existing innovation in American universities, government labs and small and large businesses. Celdara has ongoing relationships with most research universities and institutions across the country and will harness their collective energy and expertise as a part of the initiative.

The Pandemic Security Initiative provides the missing pillar – the preemptive development of innovative, purpose-built diagnostics, medicines and devices – to the ongoing efforts in pandemic drug repurposing and rapid-response technologies. By unleashing the innovative power of America’s university systems and the $6 billion per year in NIAID support allocated to the best and the brightest infectious disease researchers in the country, the Pandemic Security Initiative has a singular Mission: to secure our nation against future pandemic threats.

About The Pandemic Security Initiative

The Pandemic Security Initiative seeks to protect the nation from future pandemics by developing tests and medicines that integrate the best of ground-breaking science, entrepreneurial innovation, public-sector investment and private-sector efficiency. Celdara Medical initiated this work in 2014 and formalized it under the Pandemic Security Initiative umbrella in early 2020 to capture learnings from and aid in the response to COVID-19.

Celdara’s Academic Partner Network includes collaborations with 60 leading universities, and thousands of pipeline innovations from all 50 states. With support from the public and private sectors, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), its mission is to identify and develop innovative diagnostics, prophylactics, and therapeutics against pandemic scale threats. The Pandemic Security Initiative is an entrepreneurial, operating, health-security product developer. For more information on the Pandemic Security Initiative visit celdaramedical.com/pansec/.

About Celdara Medical, LLC

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