Immutype: Providing Clarity in Complex Autoimmune Diseases

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ImmuType™ is a Celdara Medical Enterprise focused on providing improved care for patients with systemic autoimmune disease. By supporting patient stratification and identifying treatment responders based on each patient’s unique molecular profile, ImmuType™ can improve the success rate, while reducing time and cost of clinical trials. Beyond enrollment, ImmuType™ can also support retrospective analysis of patient samples to garner pathway and mechanism of action (MoA) insights and inform clinical and market strategy.​​  

Using transcriptome data, ImmuType™ applies a proprietary algorithm to classify patients by their molecular signatures into specific subtypes. Stratification identifies likely responders (or non-responders), enabling value-creating inclusion and exclusion criteria. Stratification also provides insight into shared underlying drivers of heterogeneous systemic autoimmune diseases, allowing drug developers to treat disease mechanisms rather than symptoms 



Initially born out of a collaboration with Dartmouth College and focused on systemic sclerosis, ImmuType™ is now actively expanding offerings to other systemic autoimmune diseases. We are currently supporting 6 scleroderma trials ranging from Phases I through III.  In addition, the ImmuType™ team has generated predictive patient stratification data sets for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and Dermatomyositis (DM). The ImmuType™ platform can be leveraged widely across autoimmune disorders to assist in clinical trial design, and ultimately advance innovative therapeutics to patients with high unmet need – faster, safer, and with far more statistical power.   


The ImmuType™ team includes autoimmune disease experts as well as experts in bioinformatics and therapeutic development. 

  • Michael Whitfield, PhD. ImmuType Inventor and Celdara Medical Scientific Founder 

Department Chair, Biomedical Data Science, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth 

  • Joana Murad Mabaera, PhD. Technical Lead, Executive Director of R&D, Celdara Medical

Formerly: Norris Cotton Cancer Center and University of Sao Paulo    

  • Viktor Martyanov, PhD.  Bioinformaticist, Celdara Medical

Formerly: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth 

  • Jake Reder, PhD. Co-Founder & CEO, Celdara Medical

Formerly: Dartmouth, Cabot Corp., PolyTechnos Venture-Partners 

  • Brandy Houser, PhD.  Business Development, NY/NJ Site Head, Celdara Medical 

Formerly: Brandon Capital Partners; Partners Healthcare; Harvard Medical School 

  • Jing Gong, PhD. Business Development, Associate Director, Celdara Medical 

Formerly: Translational Therapeutics Accelerator and Columbia University 



After a decade of supporting clinical trials in systemic sclerosis, we are now offering molecular insights across many systemic autoimmune diseases. If you’ve got an innovative therapy entering Phase I, II, or III trials, we can help. Contact us at 

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