Pipeline Development Services

Pipeline Development Services

Optimizing Early Stage Drug Development with Pipeline Development Services

The high cost of healthcare product development means that even the largest multinationals must leverage university‐based, public‐funded research to decrease R&D costs and enhance ROI. However, translating early‐stage innovations from research institutions is a hands‐on job; success requires cultural fit, a regular presence in the innovators’ labs, and exceptional scientific judgement.

Celdara Medical and our affiliates are working closely together to identify and advance academic innovations, while sharing best practices. We are integrated with and often embedded among our academic partners, providing early insight and access. We vet and advance research in our own labs, allowing for a high degree of revalidation, scientific rigor, and expansion of intellectual property.

A pipeline partnership with Celdara Medical augments your internal efforts, identifying and vetting new assets, then driving key experiments or entire R&D programs as an outsource/externalization partner, while you select the programs and milestones required.

We identify, evaluate and present candidates matching your strategic intent. You select the candidates of primary interest, and we can independently validate and/or develop them in our labs. Through the entire process, we solicit non-dilutive funding to manage risk, providing pre‐clinical and early clinical candidates faster and cheaper than is otherwise possible.