Celdara Medical builds lasting partnerships with inventors and their institutions, and provides the developmental, financial, and business acumen to bridge the gap between discovery and clinical impact. Celdara has been in theBoston biotech community since 2017 and specializes in therapeutic development across all disease spaces. We invite inventors and technology professionals to reach out to us at any point for more information using the contact link below.





Irena Ivanovska Site Head Boston MA sm 

Irena Ivanovska, Ph.D, Site Head

Irena Ivanovska, Ph.D. is a Director at Celdara Medical, where she leads several internal therapeutic development programs. In addition, she serves as an Alliance Manager in support of Celdara’s Pipeline Development Service partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. She also leads Celdara’s due diligence efforts for reviewing new opportunities.

Prior to Celdara, Irena was a Senior Research Biologist at Rosetta Inpharmatics, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck and Co.), where she identified and validated cell cycle microRNAs as targets for oncology, developed siRNA delivery methods to physiologically-relevant primary cell systems and identified gene expression disease biomarkers. As an associate principal investigator in the Respiratory and Immunology department at Merck-Boston, she led a cross-functional team that delivered a validation package and a small molecule lead for an autoimmune disease target.

Irena received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University for discovering new structural and signaling pathways that regulate yeast cell division. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Whitehead Institute of MIT, she identified a new histone modification critical for proper chromosome structure. She received an NIH National Research Service Award and a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Career Development Fellowship to pursue these studies. Irena has been a member and a volunteer in several biotechnology professional organizations, including HBA, WEST and AWIS.

Celdara Medical operates out of the CIC Boston.